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YELLOW ROCK (Workshop 2023)

by Brittanie Shipway

Currently in Development

Ngaji, the last Elder, is dying. His last wish is to tell his grandchildren Sammy, Tom and Mae one last story. Haunted by the past, Sammy is reluctant to return to Yellow Rock and her family. Unable to reconcile their differences, the cousins seem more distanced than ever. But the ancestral lands have different plans... Tugged into the Dreaming, Sammy and Tom must learn to listen to each other and the world around them before they lose Ngaji forever. 

This is a Gumbaynggirr song circle written to celebrate the language and stories of our ancestors. 

Supported by: Australia Council of the Arts, Create NSW, APRA AMCOS, Australia Musical Theatre Festival, Hope New Works


by Brittanie Shipway

Theatre Works

Ava lives in a neoliberal world where all are watched by Guardians and music has been censored out of existence. In this new age, people are content with the silence, but Ava hears music everywhere she goes. Determined to share the soundtrack of the past, she opens an illicit underground cabaret bar, which is fraught with danger. Because in her world you wouldn’t ever dream of being caught singing...
This new play features songs by composer Jess Newman and Brittanie Shipway, compelling audiences into a dark and enchanting world of drag kings, cabaret queens, and outlawed dance halls. 

Directed by Miranda Middleton

Pictured: Luisa Scrofani as Ava



by Brittanie Shipway

Ensemble Theatre

Faced with the unexpected prospect of motherhood, Renee looks through the past for answers. This is a story about five generations of Aboriginal women, fiercely paving the way for their daughters. But can Renee break the cycle of the past? 

Directed by Ursula Yovich. 

Supported by: Belvoir Shutdown Residency, Australia Council for the Arts, Create NSW.



by Hannah Reilly


High school outcast and whimsical mega-dork Taylah longs to be the princess of her own fairy tale, which isn't easy in Dunburn – a dried-up Aussie town struggling for survival, where cool girls and footy hunks lead the pack. But when her woke AF cousin Maeve shows up, things in Dunburn begin to heat up...

Dramaturgy by Brittanie Shipway




by Miranda Middleton & Ziggy Resnick

Rogue Projects

A captivating blend of wordplay, magic realism, and puppetry, Pear-Shaped is a deliciously dark new dramedy about growing up, growing down, and everything in between. 

"The story feels fresh and lively – the sinews of sisterly tension strung tightly across the blood-thick dual-world battleground, the razor-sharp dialogue cutting to the bone." - ArtsHub

Dramaturgy by Brittanie Shipway




by Ally Morgan

Rogue Projects

It’s the one-woman cabaret that was meant to save the world from climate change.
It won’t, but it just might save us from ourselves. A little Minchin, a touch Gadsby, and bit Burnham, Not Today is a frank and funny trip inside the mind of an anxious millennial on a mission. On stage with her army of instruments and an entirely original score featuring 12 unforgettable songs, Ally may not quite save the world, but she’ll sure put on one hell of a show! Nominated for a Greenroom award for Best Writing. 

Dramaturgy by Brittanie Shipway




by Brittanie Shipway

ABC Radio National (Audio Play)

A queer love story about animate kitchen objects. 

Pepper is rusting away in Vinnies, but she has a lot of love and spice to give. Each morning, Pepper watches customers drop off donations, waiting in hope that she will meet her Salted match. But her perfect partner may not be what she bargained for...

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GÖZLEME (Autobiographical Short Story)

by Brittanie Shipway

SBS Voices 

Connecting with an estranged father can feel next to impossible. But sometimes it's the simple things that bring us together; like food. 

Gözleme was shortlisted as part of SBS Voices 2020 writing competition, currently featuring on SBS. 

Picture Credit: Kate Champion Photography

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